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OK, this is another call for input... perhaps more of a begging.

With blog contributors waiting in the wings (and some already contributing frequently, i.e. Andrew R.), I've been asked what sorts of things readers would like to see. I have no problem just writing about whatever crosses my mind - in fact I enjoy that most of the time - but we'd also like to know what you'd like. Moreover, I sort of want to gain an understanding of who's reading, how many regular readers we have, etc. - not for the sake of just knowing, but to help gear the site more toward those groups of readers that seem most interested.

Thus, with all that in mind, I would kindly ask you to take the time (if you've already taken the time to read this far...) and leave a comment below, at least with your first name and what you're areas of interest are regarding the blog; if you like our random musings, that's fine too. Just trying to get a grip on what/who we are writing for.

I appreciate the help. Thanks!

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    # by Christopher DeMars - August 20, 2007 at 8:35 PM

    Andrew! Christopher DeMars here... I'm glad to see that you are keeping a blog of your time at the PNAC. I hope to get to Rome this coming year; if I do, I will look you up.
    I would like to see you blog about your spiritual journey throughout your time at the NAC and your time in the eternal city. More of "the rubber meets the road" kind of blogs.
    I do like your book reviews and your random musings. I'll take this moment for a shameless plug for my blog:

    Ci vediamo a presto, speromente. Pace in Christo,

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    # by Andrea - August 26, 2007 at 11:29 PM

    I have been reading you and Andrew's posts- especially in the summer. I admit I am a little behind with the first week of my classes, but I have enjoyed all the posts greatly- they really make me think deeper about faith and the call to live it in my life. As far as ideas for posts- I like the randomness. However, if you could do a post about the Eucharist that would be great. Also I was recently asked about the scriptural evidence that Mary is the new Eve (CCC 975) Yes I know this is a really random but somehow it came up with one of my friends here at Miami. Thanks!
    Andrea Wade