The 'Prosperity Gospel' in Action

The "prosperity gospel" is a phenomenon well-known to Americans: it makes prayer equivalent to monetary donation, and salvation coincidental with prosperous financial success.  And it's a lie.

More than simply distorting the words of the authentic Gospels of the Church, the "prosperity gospel" distorts what is at the heart of Christian teaching—namely, to surrender oneself to the divine Providence, and to approach God not with grasping firsts, but with open palms.  In short, it transforms true Christian divinization into that of a pagan cult.

In the video below, an American camera crew explores the ravishing effect the "prosperity gospel" is having on African nations.  In the face of abject poverty, they are willing to do anything to survive; and pitched to them in the words of the 'gospel,' prosperity looks ever sweeter.

The Prosperity Gospel from The Global Conversation on Vimeo.

For an interesting take on "prosperity" evangelization, check out this post from Jordan J. Ballor at the Acton Institute's PowerBlog.