Now for Sustainability...

Obviously, we figured out how to provoke comments. And all sorts of comments at that. I'm pleased that such a silly little exercise got people thinking (and typing).

Although the aim of the last post was two-fold (i.e. critiquing the current mindset of bloggers while attempting to promote useful commentary at the same time), the real purpose—as I noted—was to research how to become a 'better blogger.' Getting comments is one thing (a very important thing, no doubt), but stimulating comments that are germane to a topic, and which are sustained in quantity and quality is a different matter altogether. Now that I have your attention for a few moments, what sorts of ideas would you submit on this point?

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    # by Suzanne - September 25, 2008 at 12:08 PM

    Andrew, have you ever taken a look at Cahiers Peguy? It is a group blog that a bunch of CL people do (I'm one of them, though my participation comes in fits and starts). For a little while, a couple of the people were posting questions on the blog that then others could respond to in separate posts. Some of the discussions were very interesting. We've been a little idle lately, though we all also tend to comment on one another's personal blogs, and points that are made on one person's personal blog tend to generate new thoughts and approaches on another. I tend to have these kinds of intra and inter blog conversations with Deacon Scott Dodge (someone I think you'd really appreciate) -- his blog is called "Catholic Deacon" -- but written in Greek, Frederick of "Deep Furrows" and "Late Papers", Clairity (real name Sharon) of "Clairity Daily", and my neighbor Marie of "Naru Hodu". Links to all their blogs, as well as to Cahiers Peguy, are in the sidebar of my blog.

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    # by Andrew Haines - September 25, 2008 at 2:29 PM


    I have seen links to the blog but never checked it out properly. I'll make sure to do that. The group blog idea is definitely a good one, but still faces the challenges to constructive dialogue that I'm seeking to understand a little better. Perhaps this is a group blog that has actualized what others lack!

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    # by Suzanne - September 25, 2008 at 3:20 PM

    Well, I think the others would agree that it's a work in progress. There are certain subjects/themes that yield more dialogue than others.