Benedict's Sapienza Address

As it turns out, the pope has sent the text of the speech he was supposed to deliver at Rome's La Sapienza University across town in his own stead. Thankfully, the text has already been translated into English and can be viewed here. Although I haven't read the whole thing (and have only just skimmed it really), I look forward to going over it a little later. From what I've been able to tell, the entire address is a very candid dialogue between Pontiff and Romans; between professor and students. Benedict's idea of the faith-reason relationship resurfaces in a major way, even as he cites his address at Regensburg, which drew much criticism from the fundamental Islamic community but which, I believe, was a primary example of the importance of this very topic.

This particular address is a bit lengthy, but if you are in the mood for a first-class exposition of everything from the role of reason to theology, philosophy, science ethics... the whole deal, then I'd recommend it highly!