Through the Eyes of Christ: Seeing as the Father

When one opens the paper, unfortunately the ink speaks of war, killing, poverty, depression, hate, sin, etc... These are by no means new problems, but nevertheless, humanity must encounter and provide an answer to these evils. First we ask ourselves, "Why?" This is certainly one of the great themes of Blaise Pascal in his work, Pensées, where he clearly displays that man has deep and terrible problems and that he is miserable. If the story ended there, it would end in despair. John Paul II takes up this theme in his book Memory and Identity. The mystery of evil that we see so clearly in the world should trouble all of us. However, we know that there is a divine limit put on evil, namely mercy. This is our answer as Christians and the answer is open for all to see in the person of Jesus.

Often as Christians, we are tempted to see the problems that plague the world and assume with the rest of society that the answer lies solely in legislative laws enforced by the government or social programs, which count on and promote the generosity of others. These programs, as necessary and praiseworthy as they can be, almost always miss the fundamental truths that constitute man as man. It always seems to be a solution in the realm of action and doing, but perhaps we are overlooking the solution by seeing it as a problem of action and not a problem of being; that is, the existential and ontological problem that we find ourselves in as fallen, weak individuals who "do the evil that we don't want to do." (Romans 7:19)

Should we not search for the answer to these and various problems through the eyes of the Heavenly Father, who made all things through His Word? For, in the beginning God created man, male and female he created them and every creature that walks the earth. Because creation flows forth from and is moving towards God as its end, the answer to its problems must also refer back to God not only for their valid perspective, but also for their only definitive answer.

When attempting to counteract the plagues of war, violence and poverty, we normally resort to material and positive scientific solutions. If there is war looming, we increase our weapons supply, raise money and rally the nation in support. Violence, we install cameras, make parking lots better lit and increase the presence of law enforcement officials. Poverty, we increase world food production and start food drives.

None of these 'solutions' will ever completely solve the problems listed above. Man's fallen heart, which is so inclined towards evil and selfishness, is only healed and redeemed by the grace given in faith, which gives us the ability to overcome these weaknesses and vices. Wars are only macrocosms of the battle that begins in individual souls that are rejecting the commands of God by acting evilly against God and neighbor. These unsettled and split hearts give way to battles in families, then communities, then cities, and finally between countries. The ultimate and lasting solution to these problems is the sweet cleansing of souls in the blood of Christ, which enables us to love through sacrificing our wants and needs for the needs of others. Then will we be able to walk humbly and not look on our brother as a mere means to an end, but rather as a person to be loved for his own sake. Then will we be able to forgive and love our brother because God has forgiven and loved us first.

Let us see with the eyes of the Heavenly Father the answer to our problems, and there we will surely see the image of His only Son, Whom He sees in each of us, Our Lord Jesus Christ.