Marian Consent: The Key to Life in Christ and Prayer

One of the great mystics of the 20th century was the Swiss born Adrienne Von Speyr. As a young protestant child, she was filled with many gifts, such as joyfulness, splendid sense of humor, obedience, intelligence and the ability to suffer well, in gratefulness, the crosses the Good God placed in her life. She grew up to be a very successful doctor who was responsible for many miraculous cures among the 80 patients she accepted daily; she always accepted the poor at no price. In 1940 she converted to Catholicism with Hans Urs Von Balthasar as her guide and spiritual director.  Von Balthasar was one of the most prolific Catholic theologians of the last century whose works number more than a number.  He was named a Cardinal by John Paul II at the end of his life but died before the consistory in 1988.  Von Speyr went on to write over 60 volumes, and one of her dominant and great themes was "Marian Consent".

What does she mean by "Marian Consent"? It is the disposition of soul that entrusts every aspect of the person to God, in complete confidence even when understanding is lacking. ("How can this be, for I know not man?" Luke 1) It allows God to work in one's life by any means His good will deems fruitful for the salvation of souls. It is standing naked in the light of God's Truth in the humility that is free of all self satisfaction, seeking and sufficiency, thus making room in one's heart for the Divine Word, Christ. It is saying "Fiat!", be it done unto me according to your word!

Only in this posture can we enter into the riches of Trinitarian prayer, this "Marian Consent" allows Christ to enter and at the same time allows us to enter the great "Trinitarian conversation of love" (Jn 17). The saints prayer and indeed the beatific vision of God in heaven will be nothing less than man entering into the Trinitarian Prayer of self-emptying love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

May God grant us the grace to stand humbly in His presence, ready to forsake all to accomplish His holy will.