Papal Message for the New School Year

Sorry for the interruption in posts; lots of reading and little time to write. However, a couple nights ago (Thursday, October 25th), I had the chance to go and hear the Holy Father speak at the Mass for the opening of the academic year of the Roman universities. The liturgy was held at St. Peter’s Basilica, celebrated by one of the Cardinals working in the Vatican, and the pope appeared at the end to give a little talk. Although the message was specifically directed to those studying in Rome, it no less has a distinct value for anyone studying at an institute of higher learning (or independently for that matter), in that we are all called to use our education for the 'greater glory of God.' Here are some clips of what the Holy Father had to say [pardon any translation errors/cumbersome language on my part]:

“This annual meeting—which gathers here, in the Vatican Basilica, the entire academic family of the ecclesial Roman universities—permits you, my dear friends, to better notice the remarkable experience of communion and fraternity which you will partake in this year: an experience which, to be fruitful, requires the contribution of each one of you. Together, you have all taken part at the celebration of the Eucharist, and it is together that you will spend this new year. Seek to create among yourselves an atmosphere where the commitment to study and fraternal cooperation provides a common enrichment not only concerning aspects of culture, science and doctrine, but also human and spiritual ones.”

“In effect, this period of permanence in Rome can and should serve to prepare you to better carry out in the world the work that awaits you in different fields of apostolic action. The evangelical mission of the Church in our age asks not only that the message of the Gospel be preached everywhere, but that it profoundly penetrate the ways of thought—the principles of judgment and behavior—of all people. In a word, it is necessary that all contemporary human culture be permeated by the Gospel… The possibility to study in Rome, the seat of the Successor of Peter and thus of the Petrine ministry, will help to reinforce this sense of membership in the Church and the commitment of fidelity to the universal magisterium of the pope.”

“I assure you that I will remember you in prayer and, wishing you a peaceful and fruitful year, confer this promise upon you with a special Apostolic Blessing.”