Prayer for Beginners - Review

Today I am going to review a new spiritual book, "Prayer for Beginners" by Peter Kreeft (pictured to the left). This is a great little book on prayer published by Ignatius Press. I must admit that the first time I encountered this book at a bookstore, I passed by it without a second thought. What I did think was "this book will be way too simple for me..." The next time I was in the store something grabbed me though. I realized that I really don't know how to pray that well, and I decided to give this book a chance. I just needed to get over myself :).

After reading it, I was not disappointed. This book is clear and engaging, much like all of Kreeft's books. Kreeft states in the book that he is going to make no assumptions on the reader. He starts from step one and does not skip a step in his basic exposition on prayer. This book will clear up all of those really simple questions that I think many of us have but are too embarrassed to ask, and it can also clear up lots of common misconceptions about prayer. I recommend this book to anyone, and the nice part is that anyone with a high school reading level will have an easy time with this book. My next few posts will be my personal reflections on the basic themes in this book.

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    # by Anonymous - September 12, 2007 at 8:43 AM

    I'm lovin' this blog. I've wondered in the past why US seminarians at the NAC didn't share the wealth with the blogosphere a little more but then I assumed its because you're so busy during the academic yr. Anyway thanks! your post at the end of last month about Blessed Mother. She told someone somewhere once, "I am among you in the most natural way". Besides everything which she does for us, which you & Monfort touched on, she's a Mom. So she's just on top of everything in our lives all the time! I tell her sometimes, as a mom myself, "You know mothers have to do everything, so this is up to you too." Not very reverent I guess, but I think its ok with her!

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    # by Andrew Reinhart - September 12, 2007 at 3:45 PM

    Thanks anonymous for the comment. It is always good to hear that people are reading. You are right in you assumption that seminarians are quite busy with school and formation, and this is why the flow of content onto the blog is irregular at times. This is also the reason why we have four contributers. Thanks again! and always feel free to ask questions about anything(a post or even seminary life in general) or give us suggestions about what you would like to hear.

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    # by Jonathan Watson - September 14, 2007 at 11:58 AM

    Prof. Kreeft's prayer book is excellent...thorough and brief at the same time. Can't ask for much better...