Our Good Mother

Today I will write about how Mary brings our prayers before her son. This is the second part to my response to a comment asking about Mary and prayer. My first answer to this question was Mary as an example of prayer (click here to open this post).

Mary is our spiritual mother; Christ gave us to her on the cross. She will do more for us than just bring our petitions before her son. She will also bring all of our good works, sacrifices, and praise to her son, if we offer it through her. This is part of what St. Louis Marie de Montfort called the 'True Devotion' to Mary, and it is important to remember that any devotion to any saint or any holy event is ultimately a devotion to Christ. True devotion to Mary is devotion to Christ through Mary. My words will not explain the importance of this effectively, so here is a one example of how St. Louis do Montfort explains his True Devotion.

"when we present something to him by the pure, virginal hands of his beloved Mother, we take him by his weak side, in a manner of speaking. He does not consider so much the present itself as the person who offers it. Thus Mary, who is never slighted by her Son but is always well received, prevails upon him to accept with pleasure everything she offers him, regardless of its value. Mary has only to present the gift for Jesus graciously to accept it."

For the Full Text of
St. Louis Marie de Montfort's True Devotion to Mary Click here. I will start my next book review in my next post.

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    # by Andrea - September 4, 2007 at 10:29 PM

    Thanks Andrew for another post on Mary- her role in the Church has come up in any conversations recently so it is a awesome to know more about her. Thanks again and God Bless to all of you!