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Thanks for the question. This is one of the reasons I only wanted to make one post on contemplation. I am not the best man to describe contemplation, but it would not be just to give a review of Fire Within without talking about contemplation. Really the only way to understand contemplation is to experience it, and even then, Fr. Dubay says that it is impossible to really describe one's understanding of contemplation with words. I did forget to make an important distinction in my post yesterday that should help everyone's understanding. I was kicking myself today when I realized that I forgot to mention this important point.

Contemplation is an infused type of prayer. This means that contemplation is only received; it is not something we actively do. Vocal prayer and meditation on the other hand, while they are enabled by grace, are primarily an action that is done by the person praying. Contemplation in contrast is only reeceived. Thus, what is really important to do is to prepare ourselves to receive this gift, and we do this by purifying all of our actions and remaining open to the Holy Spirit's actions in our prayer time and throughout the day.

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    # by Andrea - August 6, 2007 at 10:29 AM

    thanks Andrew for taking the time to explain further, it makes sense now