Without too much monkey-wrench-throwing into the finely tuned cogs of this blogging machine (<< insert sarcasm here), I wanted to take a little time to write about some less academic, more daily life type things. I've gotten a few questions -- from priests, seminarians and friends alike -- concerning how much personal, seminary related news I'd put up on the site. So, what are your thoughts? I've noticed that Andrew has gotten a lot of good comments too. Would you all appreciate more of that kind of thing, or is the balance we have right now (and are working to build) pretty good? I hope to get more contributors, especially from among the ranks of Toledo seminarians and other NAC men. I think having a few perspectives is a good and edifying thing. Leave comments now and all along giving your thoughts and suggestions for this page. Like Andrew wrote, it is really supposed to be for your enjoyment and scholarship. Posting is only profitable when readers gain from it.

On a closing note, I realize my posts have not been very educational as of late. Due to international transit, it's been hard to keep abreast with these sorts of things. Hopefully -- and living in Rome -- I'll be able to continue with these posts much more regularly than recently. For the time being, Fr. Adam Hertzfeld has a great blog on lots of Catholic doctrinal questions, which you can access through my "links" section. Please keep reading and pray for us as we gear up for a new year of seminary formation. Thanks!