Finally! After almost 35 hours with no sleep, I am set up and functioning (at least physically) in Rome, Italy. For sanity's sake, I'll keep this short. But, I just wanted to initiate the blog properly, since its theme strongly suggests my being in Rome as its author. Please pray for me as I shake off the jetlag and begin to acclimate to the culture and pace of non-American life. This week I will spend doing logistical paperwork in the city, and will ship out for Assisi and Italian language school this coming weekend. Know of my prayers for you all and please keep reading. I promise, more good (or at least lengthy) posts in the near future. Good night!

P.S. -- On the plus side of all this travel, at least I arrived to a nice view of the newly renovated central courtyard from my room window. (See photo. More to come).

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    # by Pete Shaw - July 16, 2007 at 3:36 PM

    Quite a step up from the view at the Joss.