After a grand total of 3 blog posts in January (including this one), it's obvious that my performance as cyber-narrator/author has been faltering. I do have a (or many) good excuse(s).

First: taking more than a full load of graduate philosophy courses this semester is already taking its toll; nothing too bad, but certainly a strain on my time commitments. But that's okay. That's why I'm here.

Second: my attempts to get accepted into a PhD program upon completion of my M.A. are already underway. Hence, I'm already forced to think about research topics, funding opportunities, etc. And that is no small worry.

So, I guess that makes two good excuses—and a whole host of smaller, more negligible ones. I assure you, though, I have not forgotten about the blog! And I will be making efforts to post whenever possible.

Just don't complain if all I can think to write about is philosophy...

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    # by Anonymous - November 11, 2009 at 7:37 AM

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